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Pet Rescue

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The Sand Bar Dog Rescue Fund

The Sand Bar is not only Pet Friendly- it gives back to the Cabo community by rescuing Stray Dogs, finding them temporary shelter, healing them, vaccinating them and ultimately placing them in forever homes in Mexico, the U.S and Canada. We also organize and participate with spay and neuter campaigns throughout the state of B.C.S. and help coordinate Pet Escorts so dogs find an expeditious, safe, reliable and inexpensive way to Canada and the U.S. All forfeited monies in the form of Massage Deposits or No Shows that customers loose for being late, not showing up for their appointments or attempting last minute changes, go directly to The Dog Rescue Fund and is channeled for food, meds, Vet Bills in various shelters in Cabo and the state of B.C.S.

Reservation and cancelation Policy

Also, $2.00 Dollars from any item in our Logo Store that has a PAW PRINT, goes to The Dog Rescue Fund. Next to our Massage Check-In counter we have a donation box that is emptied every week to help support this effort. Should you want to donate to this cause, via PayPal- please click here.